About Us


From a young age, I enjoyed entertaining and making people laugh.
At the beginning of 2010, we discovered a performance of living statues and we were thrilled.

It was amazing and we started thinking that this could be a great way to entertain people on a professional level.

We just wanted to get a little different.

We didn't want to be completely motionless statues. We found it a bit boring and we also want to be more different from other living sculptures.
Our performance is based more on contact and interaction with people.

Of course, in those more than eleven years, we and our costumes have undergone a certain development. We experimented, we changed the style and the materials and props used, we often ended up in a dead end ...

But in the end we found our way.

The fact that we were third in 2019 at the International Festival of Living Sculptures in Stratford-upon-Avon testifies to the fact that we did not choose the wrong path.

We are based in Warwickshire, near the birthplace of the greatest poet of all time, William Shakespeare.

That's why you'll find us most often in Stratford-upon-Avon, just a few steps from the birthplace of this great writer, but not only there.

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