“The noblest art is that of making others happy” 


We are TheStatueKnight Entertainment - a great choice for your event.


Since ancient times, people have used makeup and masks to make themselves look unusual.

Primitive nations, even today, wear costumes and mask, some even cover their bodies with paint to bring them closer to their gods.

Over the centuries, the use of masks became a source of entertainment, and the endless interest in living statues suggests, that it carries over to the present day.

TheStatueKnight living statues are not trying to be absolutely motionless reproductions of real statues, which just waiting to move, when somebody throws a coin. Our performance is based on interactivity, creativity and contact with the people around us.

The use of many props, colourful costumes and the sudden transition from complete rest to high activity, is what sets us apart from some of the living statues you may know.

For most time of year we are based in Nottingham, but you can see us at many locations or events throughout England. Our interactive performance always gathers a crowd and draws attention. Children and adults are always fascinated by the ´TheStatueKnight living statues just since 2010.

Would you like see us on your event?  

We will be pleased to be part of your event, but it is important to know that TheStatueKnight Entertainment is a properly registered business with all costs and tax duties as any other company in the UK. We have been performing living statues for many years and we are not doing free of charge for"gaining experience" or "promoting us".

About us

We are freelance street artists  based in Nottingham, UK.

Throughout the year, you can see us in many places in England.

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